Software Updates

Version Release Date             Description
v1.25.0 Apr 09, 2024 Removed the “Completed Date” column from the Data Requests page. Improved filtering of Data Requests table
v1.24.0 Mar 12, 2024 Improvements to the admin functions on the Data Requests page; updated Explore In function for GDC 2.0
v1.23.0 Jan 30, 2024 Changes to the Data Request filters; improved look of the Survival Analysis tab
v1.22.0 Dec 12, 2023 Minor improvements to user interface within the Data Requests page
v1.21.0 Nov 14, 2023 Users can change the Filter Set Workspace window size
v1.20.0 Oct 10, 2023 Includes minor enhancements and bug fixes
v1.19.0 Sept 12, 2023 "Save" button changed to Update when using an existing filter set. Bug fix to normalize Event-Free Survival curve to "1" at time zero for INRG data
v1.18.0 Aug 08, 2023 System performance enhancements and minor changes to the user interface
v1.17.0 July 11, 2023 This release includes minor performance enhancements and minor changes to the user interface
v1.16.0 Jun 13, 2023 Additional tooltips when hovering over variables in the Subject category, also minor enhancements to the user interface
v1.15.0 May 16, 2023 Changes to Include/Exclude filter mode and removal of redundant AND/OR filter toggle. Details in Release Notes
v1.14.0 Apr 11, 2023 Added Data Contributor, Treatment Arm, and Study ID filters to the Subject category. Exclude button added to filters. LKSS filter options now include "Known" or "Unknown" only
v1.13.0 Mar 14, 2023 Updated query syntax to address performance issues with the production system. Changed the "Years" (x-axis) calculation to consider age_at_initial_diagnosis when displaying the suvival curve
v1.12.0 Feb 14, 2023 "Share" functionality added to the Filter Set Workspace. Survival Curve now defaults to 5-year timespan