Data Release Updates

Version Release Date Description
pcdc_20231114 Nov 14, 2023 Addition of NODAL (SJCRH/HOD05) and MaGIC (DFCI Registry) data
pcdc_20230912 Sept 12, 2023 Addition of MaGIC and NODAL data; updated INRG COG data; update INRG SIOPEN studies and treatment arms; changes to data dictionary
pcdc_20230523 May 23, 2023 Added INRG SJCRH data for NB84, NB91, NB97, NB2005, NB2008, NB2012, NB8814 studies; added data for COG ANBL00B1 study
pcdc_20230228 Feb 28, 2023 Added INRG and INSTRuCT data; corrections to INRG AGE_AT_CENSOR_STATUS values; added permissible values to data dictionary for new data